Sunday, February 21, 2010

Creamy, Milky Cm 5 Days Before Period PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ONE!!!!!!!?

PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ONE!!!!!!!? - creamy, milky cm 5 days before period

In a moment I forgot that I was tired of TTC when it would come time to stop trying to right itself and had sex with her husband and each time I was missing, to see the data, "ovulation what is happening in my AF 17 August and lasted for 5 days, my cycle is 29 days, I had protected sex August 28th, 29th 30th and 30th were all.
From 5 September, I received a lot of creamy white mucus of the cervix, no smell, no itching, no infection. Now I have 5 days before my next period, and I still have the creamy CM. Suddenly today I have these little cramps in my stomach. What do you think is happening. I wonder anyone has this experience before becoming pregnant, especially the milky-white CM which are permanently staining my clothes .. Sorry ifI will be graphic, I just want someone who is a little help with this stock.

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